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Monday, April 25, 2011

God Made You - You!

     God made you an original; don't die a copy.   In Christ, you can be the best of what and who you want to BEE!
     According to aeronautical science, the bumblebee can't fly.  Its body is too heavy, and its wings are too shallow.  But the bumblebee doesn't know it can't fly.  So it flies around doing what God chose for it to do, pollinating plants.  It does so without considering its limitations.
     You, too, have talent, skill, aptitude, and ability that are you-niquely yours.  We can be the bestof what and who we want to BEE --and only God knows what our limitations are.
     You might appear to be different -- or even strange -- to some people.  But remember, God made you in his image ofr his glory.  Use your uniqueness to edify people and glorify God.  Capitalize on the abilities God has given you.  Don't expect other people to be like you or to always understand you.  They're busy being uniquely themselves.

by Thelma Wells

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