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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Never Give Up Hope

Hope is a precious gift of our salvation.  While w can "hope" that our kids don't spill their soda, we must remember that our only reliable hope is in what we cannot see or control:  the outrageous faithfulness of God.  Our responsibility to him as his children is to study his character so we will know, without a doubt, that whatever way he deals with our circumstances in life, it's the right way.  Even when things don't work out the way we planned or desired, he is all-knowing, all-loving, the beginning and the ending.  Hope is acting on the conviction that despite what we see with the natural eye, God is working in the spiritual realm to accomplish his perfect will in our lives.  His hope does not disappoint!

God's Word declares hope. God's promises proclaim hope.  We must think hope.  Speak hope.  Pray hope.  Sing hope.  Act hope.  Share hope.  In other words, get our hopes up.  Because hope has been given to us, we can expect the best, even in the worst conditions.  Praise God!

Sheila Walsh
Laughter for a Woman's Soul

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