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Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Power of Faith

Everybody experiences difficult situations in life.  Things that make us want to scream out or give up.  Deprivations.  Sacrifices.  Losses.  Misunderstandings.  But isn't there some way for the Christian to respond without getting mad at God?  Otherwise, what's the good of our faith?  There has to be some key to being joyful in the midst of discouraging circumstances and crabby people.  What is it?

It's taking god at his Word.  It's believing he will do what he says, no matter how things look or how we feel.  Nobody said it would be easy.  If you find any Scripture that even hints that life will be easy, call me collect.  Please.  But I can tell you now ... it ain't in there!  However, trusting God with everything we have, everything we are, every problem that is ours, every loss we endure, every battle we face, every person who disappoints us --with thanksgiving-- gives us the grace to come through it with flying colors.

written by Luci Swindoll

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