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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Common Pots & Odd Ducks

God does his extraordinary work through common, ordinary people.  Our society puts an inordinate emphasis upon external success and being number one.

That doesn't seem to matter a whit to God.  Jesus used ordinary flowers, trees, and birds to teach profound lessons about himself and about life.  He placed ordinary mud from the ground on the eyes of a blind man and restored his sight.  Jesus changed ordinary water into extraordinary wine.  He took a lunch of ordinary fish and bread and from them made an extraordinary lunch for five thousand hungry people.

God does the unusual so that we recognize his unmistakable hand.  I cannot take the credit for how things work out in my life.  I cannot brag about my fine insights, good judgment, or special ability.  God makes sure that his accomplishments are performed by him; it is his insight, his good judgment, and his ability that brings extraordinary results out of ordinary circumstances.

Marilyn Meberg

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