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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Laughter For The days Ahead

A laugh lifestyle is predicated upon our attitude toward the daily stuff of life.  When those tasks seem too dull to endure, figure out a way to make them fun; get creative and entertain yourself.  If the stuff of life for you right now is not dull and boring but instead painful and overwhelming, find something in the midst of the pain that makes you smile or giggle anyway.  There's always something somewhere... even if you have to just pretend to laugh until you really do!

You need that joy break, so take at least one every day.  Hey, how about twirling and flourishing in your kitchen, grocery store, or office?

Dear Father, you provide our safety, our security, our eternal hope.  Because of those loving assurances, enable us to see the joy, feel the joy, and even twirl with joy.  Thank you that you are our reason for joy each day.  Amen

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