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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Laughter is Good Medicine

I feel encased within a timepiece that can at times rob me of my peace.  Left unto ourselves, some of us would race and others of us would rust.  Either way we would speed past or sleep through the joy.  We need to make peace with the timepiece so we don't spend our time beating our heads against the clock.

Here are some tips.  I'll try them if you will.

1.  Don't cram everyday so full you can't enjoy the journey.
2.  Don't under-plan and miss the thrill of a fruitful day.
3.  Don't underestimate a nap, rocking chair, and a good book.
4.  Don't become a sloth.
5.  Do offer your gratitude for the moments assigned to you.
6.  Do celebrate even the passing of days.

Patsy Clairmont

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