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Thursday, March 29, 2012

A Right Response

I cannot prevent the perplexities of life, but I can choose how I respond to them.  When I need a pity party, I literally set my clock for fifteen minutes.  Within that time frame, I whine and wail, beat myself up, throw a temper tantrum, break something or whatever I feel is appropriate to my circumstances at he moment.  When the alarm sounds, I know that's my cue to cut it out.

Admittedly, sometimes I've had to set the clock four times before I got it all out of my system!  But I think that one hour is long enough to stay in a state of insanity.  After I've used up my four times to reset the clock, I force myself to STOP.  I force myself to start praise music.  I just say, "Jesus, Jesus, Jesus."  The enemy of our soul flees at the name of Jesus.

While in this process, I calm down.  I start thinking more clearly.  I'm not as inclined to make irrational decisions.  If this works for me, it will certainly work for you. 

written by Thelma Wells

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