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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Surviving Struggles

Let your joy out. One way I do that is to give people something to laugh about.  How?  I collect jokes and write down everything I hear that makes me brighten up.  I make amusement a ministry because chuckles are better than a therapist.  They are aloe vera for he sunburns of life.  When the dumps take their toll, laughter provides the exact change to get you through. 

Whatever your troubles, try looking at them by the light of another source or a different star.  Go ahead; don't be afraid.  Find a wacky angle, a new twist.  Offer trouble a little serious thought, then turn it upside down and look at it through God-colored glasses.  Chew on trouble's possibilities for make you smarter, better, stronger, kinder.

Sample some weird and wonderful Jelly Bellies, Gobstoppers, or Sweet Tarts while you do that.  Then take the curved weapon I call joy and toss trouble by its funny side out into the world.

written by Barbara Johnson

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