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Thursday, May 3, 2012

God's Grace in the Midst of Tough Times

How do we enjoy God's grace in the midst of tough times?  First we have to make a habit of drinking deeply of the grace God promises, every moment.  We have to uncover our soul and let grace soak us to our roots.

Second, we have to keep our sense of humor.  I find it helpful to have a few things up my sleeve for those tougher-than-usual days when the melons are landing on my head.  I have several funny videos that just knock me over.  Photographs of my friends and family always cheer me up.  So does getting out into the fresh air and walking.  Sometimes I read one of my favorite Psalms.

God is all around us, longing to talk to us, to love us, to lift us up.  Make up your own survival kit.  Find things that you know can lift you above the hubbub in your house and in your head.

written by Sheila Walsh

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