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Thursday, July 26, 2012

It's Better to Laugh

God has given women the power to move on in life thorugh the contagion of laughter.  I've spent the past several years collecting quips about laughter and sayings that make me laugh.  I have a lot of quotes about dieting, middle age, motherhood, husbands, wrinkles, love -- you name it:  all those hot spots in a woman's life that would kill us if we let them get us down.  The secret is to not let them get you down.  The secret of not letting them get you down is to laugh about them.

We can sigh about things, or we can laugh.  Both these responses release pressure, but which is the most fun?  Whatever it is probably won't go away, so we might as well live and laugh through it.  When we double over laughing, we're bending so we won't break.  If you think your particular troubles are too heavy and too traumatic to laugh about, remember that laughing is like changing a baby's diaper.  It doesn't solve any problems permanently, but it makes things more acceptable for a while.

Barbara Johnson

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