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Thursday, July 5, 2012

The Star of the Show

I need to be reminded of who takes care of me and who is in charge of all the events in my life.  When I'm congratulating myself on my confidence and skill, it's easy to forget who my safety net is.  Fortunately, God doesn't let me be the star of the show from start to finish.  Sometimes he turns things completely upside down so that what is happening does not make sense to me at all!  I'm forced to cling to him and rest in his peace that passes understanding.

You may find yourself in the middle of circumstances that don't make sense to you.  You may be surrounded by people who would never be your choice.  Possibly God is reminding you that "the battle is the Lord's" and the way he wins battles is often through people and events we'd never even think of, much less choose.  Oddly enough, that knowledge takes the pressure off of me.  I can quit striving, plotting, maneuvering.  I am not the star of the show; God is.  That brings me outrageous peace. 

written by Marilyn Meberg

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